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Ernesto Molina y Vedia

Ernesto Molina y Vedia / Bio

Ernesto Molina y Vedia

Ernesto Molina y Vedia obtained his Visual Arts Degree at the Universidad Autónoma de México in 1984. He also studied Graphic Design, Metal Sculpture, and Photography under several artists and teachers in Mexico City and Buenos Aires andparticiped in workshops at UCLA, in Los Angeles, California in 1985.

He returned to Argentina at the end of 1987, where he worked as an Art Assistant in many films, including “SUR,” directed by Fernando “Pino” Solanas, a Cannes winner.

Since 1990, Ernesto has worked as commercial production designer at Spot Films. He continues his career as a freelance production designer at many local and foreign production companies.

Ernesto has also worked as a production designer for many films and music videos for well-known local bands. He has designed several indoor and outdoor working spaces such as restaurants, offices and stores.

He is currently working as a production designer at major production companies from Argentina and other countries.

Ernesto Molina y Vedia is known as one of the most solid, professional production designers in Latin America, not just because of his aesthetic perspective but also because he has a filmaker’s knowledge and skills.

In 2006, Ernesto Molina y Vedia obtained the CANNES GRAND PRIX as production designer for the short, “Everybody seems to be happy now,” directed by Gonzalo Tobal.

He still lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but works around the world.